Hello and Welcome to my website!

I am a keen photographer with a passion for Nature and wildlife, i currently live in Tel-Aviv Israel with my lovely wife, Gorgeous son, and two crazy cats.
Since early age i was fascinated by the Nature and Wildlife around me, and have found that you don’t have to look far to find beautiful places and amazing wildlife.

Pockets of nature exist even in an urban society, but as we continue to over populate our planet, wild animals and truly wild places continue to diminish.

It is my hope that my images will somehow make people more aware of the beauty and importance of this wildlife, and encourage them to Protect and preserve the Nature Around them. There is truly an Amazing Nature all around us, and its our duty to protect and preserve it.

I have shot in New Zealand, Canada, Norway, the UK, Hungary, Israel, Australia and the US.

Presented here is a small selection of my favorite photo’s, taken in the wild both within Israel and further afield.  All my images are of Wild Birds / Animals – I do not photograph Captive species.

Should you require the use any of the images displayed on this website for possible publication, purchase selected prints or just contact me with general inquiries, please feel free to email me from the contact page.

I hope you enjoy looking around at my website, and please come back soon.